Struggling to decide your vibe? Shopping for someone else? That's ok, we're here to help! It took me a while to figure out just how I wanted to express myself through jewellery with all the rules and myths you hear about finding the right metal that suits your skin. But here's a little secret they don't tell you... it's all up to you!

If you want to mix and match your metals, do it. If you want to be silver some days and gold the others, you can do that too! Whatever you feel comfortable in, that's how you know it's meant to be. I've made it all my pieces with magical beings like you in mind and everything is suitable for sensitive skin. This means even the larger pairs are lightweight, giving everyone an even bigger selection to choose from.

Here are some starting points below, see which one you resonate with the most!

Simple But Effective

You're more of a classic kind of jewellery connoisseur. Keep it timeless and elegant with our simple pieces for those of you looking to take a more minimalist approach.

Keep it Classic


Forget less is more, more is more! Layer up your favourite crystals, mix and match to your heart's content and create your own unique collection. There's no time like the present.

Let's get stacking!

Make a Statement

Show-stopping pieces to keep all eyes on you. The more crystals the better!

Go Big or Go Home

One in a million

Your style is totally, uniquely you. You love to keep it exclusive and have an eye for something special.

Made for you